Welcome to Clinical Trials Ontario’s Clinical Trials Finder

The Clinical Trials Finder is a search tool created to help you look for a clinical trial. The source of information is a clinical trials database* used by clinicians, researchers and companies around the world to provide public access to information about clinical trials. Not all trials are listed on this site. There may be other trials available that cannot be found with the Clinical Trials Finder.

The menu on the left-hand side of this page will help you select the search criteria you are interested in.

  • "Condition" refers to a disease or illness. Some conditions have more than one name so it might be useful for you to do more than one search with the different names for that condition.
  • "Location" allows you to search by closeness to your postal code anywhere in Canada
  • "study phase" is the clinical trial phase. For more on the phases of clinical trials see here
  • "your demographics" is additional information about yourself (note: "healthyvolunteer" refers to a person who lives without any condition or illness).
  • "Keywords" refers to any word you would like to search for within the clinical trial database and outside of those captured by “Condition” and the other settings listed in the search. Some examples of keywords might include items like a specific type of treatment that you are interested in or a specific body part (e.g. 'knee' or 'hip')
  • "Subscribe" is a new section that will appear in the left-hand menu after you have entered search information and hit ‘Search.’ This allows you to enter your email address so the system can send you an email when a new clinical trial is available based on the search criteria you have entered.

You can enter as much or as little information as you wish to make your search more or less specific.

If you find a clinical trial you are interested in or have any questions about a specific trial, contact information for the clinical trial (if available) will be provided in the information returned from the search. If there is no contact information available, you may wish to discuss the clinical trial with a healthcare provider.

In addition to this clinical trial search tool, learn more about clinical trials here.

*Trial Finder data comes from Clinicaltrials.gov. CTO has not verified the completeness or accuracy of the data.